The development of this Asset is the result of the work carried out during this period by more than 300 multidisciplinary professionals. To this end, the constitution of different Software factories was promoted, the most important ones located in LATAM -maat Argentina and maat Colombia-

  • Main Features

     It´s a GRID-based technological model that enables support for the knowledge management of organizations, becoming the core for the integration of different apps, databases and pre-existing information systems

     Its development has had the advice and support of the most advanced and internationally recognized research institutes, such as CERN 

  • Its highlights and differentials, according to GARTNER

     Gartner said about our technology: <It combines data management, data and application integration, application server and development tools into an inherently multi-tenant platform; in addition to its innovative database management system -oriented to graphs-, based on a hybrid relational / network model >

  • From expert evaluators Group. Featured metrics

     <Based on the information and evidence evaluated, the total development effort incurred has been estimated at 1,750,000 man hours (One million seven hundred and fifty thousand). Likewise, in total there are 6,500,000 lines of code, taking into account the system code, as well as the internally developed libraries that complement its functionality >

  • From expert evaluators Group. Outstanding conclusions

     <Disrupted model for distributed information systems with great flexibility in data manipulation. High levels of system maintainability and quality in all features (functionality, performance, etc.). Set of very well defined processes and methodology, applied to the development of the system

     Provides a highly competitive and productive RAD Tool type environment for the generation and maintenance of software applications > 

A group of independent experts of recognized prestige has carried out an exhaustive valuation process of this Asset. According to its report, it places the value of the Asset, property of maat Group, in a reasonable range between €100,000,000 and €110,000,000